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Hey Hey is the type of vibe you would expect to find walking into an old friends house you haven’t seen in years, but knew was always cool. The warm hello, the laid back grin, the dope music playing perfectly in the background.

Hey Hey makes you feel like you want to relax as you plop yourself on the sofa chair, slowly sip a drink and catch up with a good friend…or yourself for that matter.

Hey Hey is about the most alternative and contemporary tea and coffee hang as they come. During the day, you can plug in and get work done, play a board game and relax, strike the ivory on the piano, or find a nook and just veg. You deserve it.

Order yourself a Strike while you’re at it. Coffee, nutella and a sea salt crème will have you in deep reflection of how sweet life is. And yes, it IS worth every bit of $7!

After hours, Hey Hey becomes that underground scene that happens when people chime in and you spontaneously wind up with a chill after set at your crib.

That’s right, everything from open mic nights to music nights goes down at Hey Hey. That $7 coffee feels like a small price for admission into this artful hang.

If you are coming to Hey Hey with the screaming tots, pack some toys and grab a couch in the back so you can spread out. The vibe will be so right, you won’t want to leave.


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    Echo Park

  • GO FOR

    The Strike, a chill hang


    Artsy, Domestic Imports


    Easily Forgiven


    Echo Park


    Website: heyheydrinks.com
    Phone: (213) 278-0689

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For those with little
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Easily forgiven:

Here, you can forget the fact that it’s your rambunctious child that’s screaming and STILL enjoy most of your meal.

Not promoted, but you should take the chance:

If your toddler is at the stage when an iPad or some other colorful distraction can be used for an un-interrupted 20 minutes, then go for it.

Uh-uh, NO WAY, don’t even think about it!:

I don’t care how cute your toddler is. Pop your head in… turn around… walk away. PERIOD.

No contained area:

A place you cannot leave your toddler alone, not even for a second.

Enclosed, but space is tight:

If YOU can’t fit between the tables then you know you couldn’t catch your toddler if they tried – this isn’t Norm’s.


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