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You can easily spend a half day at the luxurious Hotel InterContinental DTLA. As the hotel chain’s flagship store, no detail has gone unnoticed. The Hotel InterContinental is 73 stories high, which trumps the U.S. Bank tower by a couple floors.

You’ll work up an appetite taking in all of its details. After a ride or two on the escalator with your little and the mad dashes you’ve taken to keep their hands off the art, you’ll be ready to eat!

The Hotel InterContinental has 4 restaurants to choose from. Lucky for you the restaurant Dekkadance has a buffet going on 7 days a week and at a fraction of the price of most luxury hotels. If you dine during the week, the cost of the bottomless Bloody Mary’s or champagne is not added into the cost of your meal either, so it’s really a bargain.

The buffet at Dekkadance changes cuisines on a weekly basis so if you go back more than once, you won’t get bored. The kids can easily be coaxed into being on their best behavior once they see that this all-you-can-eat bar has dessert on the end. It’s okay… let them get up as often as they’d like. I mean, that IS the point of a buffet after all.

If the buffet isn’t your thing, then give the steakhouse at the Hotel InterContinental (though it’s more formal and not for runners or screamers), the contemporary sushi restaurant, the marketplace or the rooftop bar a try.

And speaking of… the rooftop bar of the Hotel InterContinental is amazing! The view is so breathtaking that even the kids will be in awe.

Make sure to explore all that Hotel InterContinental has to offer once you arrive. Like I said, a half-day is necessary with or without the kids.

The Hotel InterContinntal is a perfect spot for any occasion. Come back and grab a window seat up top, a bottle of wine and enjoy the evening without the kids for a change… you will truly be basking in luxury.


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