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Kang Ho Dong is one of the best Korean BBQ restaurants in LA. And with so many Korean BBQ spots to choose from, looking for good quality products at the right price point is most important. Keep in mind however, that quality does come with a price.

I like to describe bae as a hip urban Korean bistro. The folks that work there have an artsy flair about them, which is only suiting for the artwork hanging all around.

Kang Ho Dong is a high energy type of place. People flock in droves to devour the rich experience of sharing a meal communally. High decibel levels are all part of the experience, so if you are dining with a screamer, rest assured that no one will bat an eye.

What I love most about Kang Ho Dong (aside from the spread that greets you at your table) is that after you choose your meat, your server will actually cook it for you! Yes, call me a food snob, but I don’t like to work that hard for my meal.

For all the novice Korean BBQ diners, Kang Ho Dong provides a visual chart to show you juuust how to eat. After your server gets the grill going, then the scrambled eggs, green peppers and corn cheese are heated up and before you know it, the sizzling of the meat will have your full attention.

The short rib was tasty and by far the most popular dish here, but I found the skirt steak to be even more exciting! There is a two meat minimum per table here at Kang Ho Dong, and though this place is a little more spend-y than most, just know that you are noshing on good quality meat.

As you can imagine, there are open flames everywhere, so keep a close eye on your little and roll with the homies.


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  • GO FOR

    Skirt Steak and the experience


    Multicultural, Domestic Imports


    Easily Forgiven


    Burns Park, The Line Hotel


    Website: 678us.com
    Phone: (213) 384-9678

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