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Kings Roost supplies what is essential for making your lifestyle healthier. What does this mean exactly? Kings Roost provides a sense of community and encouragement by offering cooking classes, workshops and advice, every time you walk through the door.

Not only does Kings Roost provide the education you need to grow and make things you can eat, but Kings Roost also serves as a DIY emporium for products you can use; such as soaps or deodorants.

The knowledgeable staff wants you to leave with an understanding of how things as simple as grains and oats can affect your lifestyle. Imagine the possibilities when you start the foundation of baking with milled flours. Once you taste the flavor in a fresh rolled oat, you’ll never look at your regular oatmeal the same.

Sprouting, canning, preserving… you know those little things that you always SAID you would like to learn? Kings Roost has it covered. Check out their website and sign up for a class.

Kings roost is every bakers dream. You can bulk order grains and flours, or simply go to the store and grab a much smaller bag. Varieties of grains you never knew existed are sold here.

You can also pick up some oats to try. If you are currently using a store bough oat, you will be SHOCKED to taste the flavor of freshly rolled ones. If you want to take your rolling oat obsession it to the next level, rolling machines are also sold at The Kings Roost. Trust me, you’ll get hooked.

I can help but to be cliché when I say: “Catch a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.” Kings roost epitomizes just that.


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