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With a colorful couch that greets you at the entry way of Night Market Song, an array of Yoko Ono posters on the walls alongside the colorful and eclectic decor hanging all around, you might wonder if you’ve walked into your best friends grandma’s basement. At this point, you have no idea what kind of night you can be in for.

However, things do get questionable when you scan the room a little better, only to see a plethora of oversized brims. The volume level is steadily increasing as more and more people pour in the door. You’re now thinking that your best friend has one cool and wild grandma.

Looking out the big picture window at Night Market Song, you see the long lines that have already formed outside. The rap music is blaring (with rock n roll playing intermittently), and you definitely gather the sense that a party is about to go down.

Night Market Song serves up some pretty delicious Thai food, so why not start with the party wings? I mean, hello? The crisped skin and array of not to spicy spices will make your mouth happy. Yes, sure, Night Market Song has your staple Thai dishes like Pad Thai, and Pad See Ew, but why bother when you can get one of the best fried chicken sandwiches in town! For those chilly LA nights (and we have been having more than desired lately), the Tom kha gai will make your insides feel warm and fuzzy.

As you peer across the table, you see your toddlers’ mouth moving but you can’t hear a thing they are saying. Ahhh. Just for that moment, that coconut broth tastes even sweeter. Yes, this is how loud it gets at night. I mean you ordered party wings, right?

Night Market Song does provide high chairs for your runner. And don’t worry if they scream in resistance because…you guessed it… no one will be able to hear them anyway.


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    Silver Lake

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    Fried Chicken Sandwich


    Hipster Chic, Artsy, Domestic Imports


    Easily Forgiven


    Camelot, Kings Roost, Griffith Park


    Phone: (323) 665-5899

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