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Capri’s dad came to this country on a boat similar to the Queen Mary when he was 7, so there was complete nostalgia going on here. He was running all around this ship; it was hard keeping up with both of them (now I know what it feels like to have more than one kid).

The Queen Mary is a unique place to experience, especially around the holidays. I have never in my life seen ice sculptures quite like this TREMENDOUS display. Definitely dress to be in the FREEZING COLD. And I do mean that LITERALLY. Though the Queen Mary provides parkas, bring the thickest winter coat you own and some extra sweaters and mittens.

Viewing the ice sculptures is an additional fee from entering the ship itself. If you are going at a time when you are just visiting the ship, the trick is to dine in the restaurant so that you can get validated and don’t have to pay a full admissions fee. Rather use that cash to at least eat!

Make sure to sneak in all the rooms on the Queen Mary, especially the grand ballroom. And if you can’t get up the nerve to sneak in a bedroom that the maid is cleaning, then just ask the front desk to show you one.

I’m not a cruise type of gal so seeing a bedroom on this ship was a first time experience (and very interesting to say the least). Enjoy the ocean view and pretend you are the captain of this ship. Let the kid in you come out! The Queen Mary is fun for the whole family.


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