Fishing With Dynamite

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Fishing with dynamite is seafood heaven. If you don’t already live in Manhattan Beach, Fishing with Dynamite IS a reason to venture out. It’s where you go when you want to get down with some great food and local vibes.

A quaint (yet upscale) seafood shack, Fishing with Dynamite makes the most out of its 35 seats. The room hosts a dining area, oyster bar and a 5 seat cocktail bar. So yes, in this case, calling ahead or waiting for the door to open is your best bet!

The menu at Fishing with dynamite shows up BIG (for such a small place)!They specializes in oysters and it goes without saying that OYSTERS is what you shall order FIRST. But if they are NOT your forte (like me) then bring some friends and go for the Mother Shucker! The Mother Shucker comes with King crab legs, shrimp, oysters, clams AND whole lobster… Oh yes, BRING IT BABY!

Whatever you do, save room for the clam chowdah and a crab cake, too. There are not too many places you can go these days for a crab cake that is more crab than filler.

If I ever cease to love… then the least I can do is order this drink first! So many specialty cocktails to choose from, so many interesting people to meet here at Fishing with Dynamite. Trust me, you will be getting cozy with your neighbor whether you like it or not, so go with the flow and make the most out of it. They might even let you try a bite of their dessert if you are good. And if they don’t, then buy them one for Pete’s sake. After all, they had to withstand Calliou that was playing throughout their meal.

I’m suspect of bringing runners to a place this small. If they can’t squeeze between the tables, I doubt very much you can either. But hey, do what you can to make it work because Fishing with Dynamite is suuuure worth it.


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    Andrew’s Cheese Shop


    Phone: (310) 893-6299

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